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Inspire Change – through inspiring images

Sometimes a picture says more than words – this is once again true for the photo exhibition and competition run by @CIDSE, the international family of 17 Catholic social justice organisatons, based in Brussels. The campaign „Change for the Planet – Care for the People“ was launched in February: Photographers around the globe were asked […]

Because of Europe frustration – on the contrary:

At the Open Day in Brussels on 6 May, the lines in front of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission were so long that some visitors had to wait up to two hours for the visit. The mood did not spoil them. Good mood, super-weather: In Brussels, Europe had already won the day […]

Fancy exotic dishes with meaningful contribution?

Enough time for talking to his guests only comes after having managed two shifts of full menus, but Obada Otabashi is happy about being that busy. The man from Syria, who came to Belgium 2 years ago, represents the initiative #WeExist, an NGO created by a mixed team of volunteers: refugees from Obadas home country […]